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Color and Mood

The color and mood of your home can be changed and improved by your choice of colors in each room.

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Medium Colors

When you have predominantly medium colors ...the mood is one of confidence.

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Dark Colors

When you have predominantly dark colors in your home ... the mood is sombre and controlled.

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Bright Colors

When you have predominantly bright colors ...the mood is fun and vital.

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Pastel Colors

When you have predominantly pastel colors........ the mood is soft, tranquil and inviting..

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Neutral Colors

When you have predominantly neutral colors ........the mood is conservative and based on safety and security.

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Packaging Colors

your packaging colors will set your product apart from your competitors’ products.

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Website Colors

The choice of your website colors is one of the most important considerations in designing your website.

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Wedding Colors

Your choice for your wedding colors tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality

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Color Meanings in Business

Understanding color meanings in business is essential when you are establishing a business profile.

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