Dark Colors

When you have predominantly dark colors.......... the mood is sombre and controlled.

Defining Dark Colors

When a large amount of black is mixed into a colour, dark colors are created.  For example, dark blue, navy, dark green, deep red, burgundy, dark brown, deep purple, deep russet, black and charcoal. 

These strong, deep and heavy colours suggest control, steadiness and conservatism, or sophistication, or drama and boldness (or a combination of all these). 

If you have chosen to create this intense atmosphere throughout your home you will have a subdued mood of control and dignity throughout, while at the same time creating a dramatic and intense effect.

If you are financially very successful in business and used to being in control, you could well choose these deep and serious colors for your home as you like to have control in every area of your life. Many men will create a home office in these colors as this may be the only room in their home where they feel a sense of power and control.

Dark Colors in Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Living Room

If your bedroom is dark in colour, you are either a confident, dramatic individual, or a refined and dignified person. Whichever is your style, you like to be in control of all experiences in your life, including your sexual experiences.  Your bedroom may be luxurious and expensive, or dramatic and stimulating, yet the atmosphere will always be subdued and controlling.

There is a trend currently towards using dark greys and black in bathrooms, usually with some white or pale grey to lift the color scheme. With these predominantly darker colors in your bathroom, you will have created a bold yet luxurious and stylish atmosphere and this will suggest that you are a confident person who has total control of your emotions, choosing where and when you show them to others. You will begin your day in a calm, subdued and restrained mood.

If your living room is dark, you will have created a fairly dramatic and oppressive mood for your family and friends, although it may have a sophisticated and opulent feel to it. This is an area of your home that needs to be cheerful and friendly, so lightening or brightening the color scheme would change the mood of the room in a positive and uplifting way.

Changing Your Dark Moody Colors

While combining dark colors with other strong colours will make quite a bold statement, if there is no lightening or softening effect you will still have a controlling atmosphere in the room. 

Try combining these often oppressive colours with pastels, or lighter neutrals, to create a softer and less controlling feeling.  Adding pale pink, for instance, to a dark blue, dark green or burgundy coloured bedroom will create a softer, more loving and nurturing environment, both for the inner self and your relationship.  Many people combine beige, cream, ivory or white with the controlling elements of the dark colours; while this softens the mood, it does not add the loving elements of pink.


Key Words: controlling, steady, serious, subdued, conservative, dignified, dramatic and sophisticated.


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