Medium Colors

When you have predominantly medium colors........the mood is one of confidence and contentment.

Defining Medium Colors

Medium colors or mid-tone colors fall into the range between light and dark.  They are not too bright, not too pastel and not too dark.  They are the middle of the road colors that can appear muted and sometimes even a touch dull but always are comfortable and easy to live with.

Some mid-tone colors can be uplifting without being tiring, while others can be unexciting and monotonous.  As long as they are not too muted, they have a sense of fun and light heartedness about them.  They are not as romantic as pastels, not as overwhelming as the bright colors, not as oppressive as the dark colors.  They are easy to live with.  

Medium tone colors exude a warm and optimistic feeling to most people and create a stable, comfortable and positive mood. By choosing medium colours you are making a statement about being middle of the road.  You have not chosen to be neutral at all.  You are letting a little boldness show, but gently.

Medium Colors in Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Living Room

In your bedroom medium colors can be seen as ‘cocooning’, giving a bedroom a sense of security and comfort. It tells you and the rest of the world you are taking the middle road in your relationship.  You are not playing it safe as the neutral lovers do.  You are more adventurous than them but not as outgoing or spontaneous as someone who chooses a bright contemporary colour.

Your intimate life is probably medium too, with no extremes.  You are, however, confident in the bedroom and in bed.  You are not ultra-romantic, not boring or safe and not too controlled or controlling - again, middle of the road.  

If you have these mid-tone colors throughout your home you will have created a mood of safety, security and comfort. There will be no extremes in your decorating and you will take a practical approach to everything in your life.

With these colors in your bathroom you are usually quite emotionally stable and secure, and can remain relatively calm and confident in difficult situations.

Choosing these easy-to-live-with colors for your living room means you will have created a  balanced and calm atmosphere where your family and guests will feel comfortable and at home.

Changing the Medium Mood in Your Home

If you wish to enliven the medium mood in any room in your home, choose a small amount of a complementary color to add to the room, in accessories or accent pieces. Your living room is an obvious room that you may want to energise. 

To brighten a blue room, try adding some orange (the complementary color to blue), or softer versions of orange if you don't like bright orange. A touch of yellow or pink will also work with a blue room.

To brighten a mid-tone green room add it's complementary, which is red. Pink also works well with green.

Bathrooms also look great with a touch of a complementary color added. This can be as simple as in the towels you use, or candles or in the color of your cosmetic or shampoo bottles.

Key Words: mid-tone, middle-of-the-road, balanced, comfortable, easy to live with, no extremes, confident.

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