Bright Colors

When you have predominantly bright colors....... .the mood is happy, fun,  vital and energetic.

Defining Bright Colors

These are purer colors with no black and very little white added. They include bright cobalt blue, bright yellow, orange, red, hot pink, lime green, bright purple and anything else bright or vivid that you can think of.  Often two or even three brights may be positioned together. 

They are striking and contemporary, creating a modern, casual look and feel.

If you choose these striking colors for your home, what does it say about you? Bright colours suggest movement, vitality, happiness, cheerfulness, youthfulness and fun. You will be spontaneous, optimistic and positive.

If you have chosen this level of brightness throughout your home, you will have created a happy and positive mood for your living environment. The mood will be one of vitality and joy, and it will be difficult to feel anything less than cheerful in your home.

Bright Colors in Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Living Room

If you have chosen these vivid colors for your bedroom, you are an outgoing person with a great sense of fun. Your sex life will most likely be spontaneous and innovative.

The negative aspect of using these strong colours is that they can be overpowering and tiring in a bedroom, because they are so exhilarating.  We hope you sleep well.  If your day life is busy and stressful you will quickly tire of brights in your bedroom.  Perhaps not at first for sex, but certainly for sleep. 

These colours are not romantic, but exciting and, often because of the energy expressed by them, it is only children and young adults who choose this option. 

For the rest of us, accents of brights can add interest to a more conservative style bedroom and create an energy and light-heartedness in our inner selves. In a holiday home, brights create freedom and energy to uplift us when we need a break from everyday stress.

If your bathroom is bright in color, you will start the day in a happy and cheerful mood and you will be quite positive emotionally. You will be the one to put a smile on the faces of people you interact with during your day.

With a living room in bright colors, you will have created a modern, vibrant, uplifting, and happy atmosphere to entertain family and friends.


A word of warning

Please be careful with your use of these strong colors as they can be overpowering and tasteless if different brights are used on every wall and in every room in your home. Try to balance these vivid colors with some neutrals or pastels. In fact neutrals with accents of brightness can be very positive and uplifting to live with.

Key Words: vitality, fun, youthful, contemporary, casual, spontaneous.

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