Personality Color Magenta

While you may not exhibit all the traits of a personality color magenta as listed here, if magenta is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed.

If Your Favorite Color is Magenta

With magenta as your favorite color you seek harmony and balance in every aspect of your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually - magenta helps to release old patterns of thinking and behaving that no longer serve you, helping you to grow and move forward to greater balance.

With a vivid imagination and creative ability, you are a non-conformist who sees life from a different point of view. This will show up in artistic pursuits or in the decoration of your own home.

With magenta as your favorite color, you love to surround yourself with beauty as it inspires your creativity.

A love of magenta means you are cheerful and optimistic and love to motivate others to achieve their best.

If magenta is your favorite color you are a compassionate, kind and considerate person who tries to make everyone around you feel better. With your cooperative and supportive nature you may work in one of the caring professions.

You are spiritual but not religious - personal and spiritual awareness and development are an important part of your life.

With your spontaneous and impulsive nature, you show a lot of initiative in your everyday life. You can be quite resourceful when you need to be.

Despite being impulsive and innovative, with magenta as your favorite color, you do tend to be practical, with a great deal of common sense.

You may be either over emotional or under emotional and striving for a balance between the two.

With a personality color magenta, you find pleasure in the little things in your life and appreciate all that you have.

As a lover of magenta, you don't like to be restrained or confined in any area of your life - you are a free spirit who dislikes the restriction of rules.

Yet even though you are a free spirit you live a very organized life.

Being a personality color magenta, you have a good sense of humor although it tends to be a little weird and off-beat.

On a negative perspective, can become obsessive and possessive about the small things in your life - little issues can consume you and make you needy and selfish - your behaviour may even become compulsive.

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The Deepest Need of a Personality Color Magenta

Your deepest need is to have a perfect balance in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual attributes to become totally aligned and at one with yourself.

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 If you dislike magenta

You don't like to draw attention to yourself.

You may be quiet and reserved and magenta has just too much energy for you.

You prefer to conform and don't like to stand out from the crowd.

You are not spontaneous or impulsive.

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