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Gain a better understanding
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The Colour of Sex

This ebook explains the link between colour, personal relationships and behaviour based on the psychology of colour

Dear Colour Lover,

My name is Judy Scott-Kemmis and I am the co-author, along with Lynn Champion, of the original hard copy of this book, printed in the year 2000. You can read more about Lynn and email her for her free and inspiring Home at Last Postcards here.

I have been fascinated by color psychology, and how it impacts on our everyday lives, for over 29 years. Have you ever wondered, like me, why we are surrounded by color rather than simply black, white and gray, and how and why these colors have such an effect on us?

The original hard copy version of The Colour of Sex was written to explain one aspect of colour psychology, the link between colour, personal relationships and behaviour. After many, many requests I have revised the original book, which is now out of print, added photos and colour plus an additional chapter to it, and made it available for purchase as a downloadable eBook.

Please note that this is a downloadable eBook, not an actual book.

In reading The Colour of Sex you will:

  • Become skilled in the art of seduction, with our step-by-step guide
  • Learn how to charm and seduce your potential partner
  • Discover what your potential partner’s bedroom says about him/her
  • Gain better understanding of your needs and your partner’s needs
  • Discover the colours and styles for your bedroom that best suit your personality
  • Understand yourself better

The Colour of Sex is:

A powerful tool to bring more love into your life and to give you more confidence in relationships

A new look at intimacy, romance, sensuality and relationships

A warm yet serious look at the influence and meaning of colour in your intimate life

Full of practical tips on how to improve your relationships and charm your partner's senses -- including the nine essential steps to seduction -- through the conscious use of colour psychology.

Do you know what your bedroom
says about your personality?

This book will teach you:

  • colour psychology and your intimate life
  • how your bedroom decor reflects your personality
  • the 9 identifiable bedroom styles
  • seducing your partner based on his/her decorating style

Are you ready for more intimacy in your life?


  • The CSQ, a colour and sensuality rating of your favourite underwear – is it sensual or sexual or just plain boring?
  • The 9 Steps to Seduction
  • How to use colour consciously to improve intimacy
  • The meaning of your colour choices in your bedroom
  • What the style of your bedroom says about your personality

So what’s The Colour of Sex about?

Chapter 1: Colourful Relationships is an introduction to colour, sex and you.

Chapter 2: in The Seducer’s Notebook, you’ll discover:

  • The 9 Steps to Seduction
  • How sensual and howsexualyou are
  • Your communication style
  • Your courting style
  • Dating turn-offs
  • What colours to wear and where to go on a first date

Chapter 3: Romancing the Body, you can explore the Colour and Sensuality Quotient to discover the rating for your underwear.

Chapter 4: The Biology of Sex is where you will discover:

  • The power of the 5 senses in sexual attraction
  • Biologicaland colour changes as we approach sexual intimacy

Chapter 5: Up Close and Colourful: everything in your bedroom tells a story about the intimate aspects of your life:

  • Your colour choices and the psychology of colour will tell you what is happening in the most private parts of your life
  • How to create balance with colour
  • Creating your own oasis

Chapter 6: Intimate Design: changing the look of your bedroom will change how you feel about intimacy:

  • 9 identifiable bedroom styles
  • Live alone? Create the bedroom you’d love to have, one which resonates with the ‘real’ you and reflects your true personality

Chapter 7: Master Strokes, has:

  • Strategies to enhance relationships
  • Great ideas on colour, sex and clothingto set the scene

Chapter 8: explores The Golden Rules for creating loving intimate relationships

Chapter 9: is a Final Word on creating strong, loving, passionate and successful relationships with strategies for keeping the romance alive.

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Please note that this is not an actual book; it is a downloadable PDF eBook that you read on your computer.

What readers of the original book have said:

You’ve been in my bedroom!! You described it exactly! I found the chapters on Bedroom Behaviours to be very accurate and quite enlightening. Diane, Sydney Australia

In the Colour of Sex I have found great new ideas for using colour and clothing to set the scene for better romance and intimacy. I loved the Master Strokes section for the practical changes I could easily make. Wendy S. Melbourne Aust

This book made me take a serious and critical look at my underwear! I became aware of the messages I was sending with my choice of underwear, not only with the colour but the style as well!! Now I know that if you want to feel sexy the first thing to do is rethink your underwear! Sensible and comfy doesn’t mean sexy!!! Christine H. Sydney Australia

In The Colour of Sex you will :

Ø Find practical tips on how to improve your relationships

Ø Understand the link between colour, personal relationships      and behaviour

Ø Learn how colours can influence people’s moods

Ø Discover the 9 steps to seduction

Ø Learn about the influence of colour on your intimate life

Ø Discover what the colour of your bedroom says about you

Ø Discover what the style of your bedroom says about you

Ø Gain more confidence

Ø Bring more love into your life

This book will help you to:

Revamp your intimate life while being true to your own personality

Gain confidence in decorating your bedroom

Understand your partner’s sexual and romantic moods

Charm your partner’s senses

Discover remedies for better relationships and romance

Understand you in your relationships, in romance and in sexual intimacy

Who is The Colour of Sex for?

  • Anyone who is seeking a greater understanding of themself

  • Anyone who seeks more loving relationships and greater intimacy in their life

  • Everyone! There is information for both men and women throughout the book

If you are truly interested in a better understanding of yourself and your partner and in improving your intimate life, take the plunge, immerse yourself into the world of colour and invest in The Colour of Sex.

I look forward to being able to help you use colour effectively in your intimate and personal life and to improve your relationships.

Remember to keep colouring your life!

100% Money Back Guarantee

This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Read The Colour of Sex cover to cover, and if the strategies

don’t work for you within 60 days, we’ll cheerfully refund your money!

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Only $24.70

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Please note that this is not an actual book; it is a downloadable PDF eBook that you read on your computer.

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