Color and Marketing

Color Psychology and 
Your Marketing, Advertising and Promotions

Color and marketing go hand in hand with each other. The use of color in the marketing of your business, whether it is in your advertising, your promotions, your business stationery or your product, can send either a positive or negative subconscious message, creating a good or bad perception of your business or your product.

First Impressions Are Important

While color is not the only important ingredient in your marketing, it is the first thing that hits people and it can leave a lasting impression - don't underestimate the power of that first impression. And don't underestimate the power of the subconscious messages that colors send to your market.

What do you want that first impression to say?

That you are:

  • honest and trustworthy - use blue
  • passionate about your product - use some red
  • a risk-taker - use some orange
  • playful - use yellow
  • affordable - use orange
  • eco-friendly - green
  • conservative - blue
  • caring - use pinkbluegreen or turquoise
  • elegant - black, silver
  • high quality - black, silvergold or purple
  • luxurious - goldblack, silver, or  purple
  • sophisticated - black, silver
  • powerful - use some black

For any number of impressions you wish to impart, read more on the psychological color meanings in your business……

Mood, Color and Marketing

What mood do you want your marketing to create?

What emotion do you wish to convey?

People buy based on emotion, then justify their purchase with logic. What are your choices for your color and marketing mix that will set the right mood for your business? Do you want to reflect that your business is:

  • light-hearted - use pastels, yellow or pale blue
  • serious -use blue or indigo
  • corporate - use dark bluedark red or black
  • exciting - use red
  • compassionate and caring - use pinkgreenturquoise or magenta
  • happy - use yellow or orange
  • sociable - use orange
  • peaceful, calm, relaxed - use bluegreen, or turquoise
  • creative, imaginative - use purpleyellow or magenta

Read more on the best colors to use to convey the mood you want on the psychology of color meanings in your business....

Target Market

Who is your target market?

Is it children, adults, male, female, a particular ethnic group, the corporate world, families, Mum's at home, teenagers, the elderly?

Who is buying your product and who are they buying for?

Is it wives buying for their husbands, grandparents buying for their grandchildren, teenagers buying for their parents, or bosses buying for their business?

Sometimes the user of your product or service will not be the one buying it. Therefore you need to use the appropriate colors on your products or services to attract the user, and use the appropriate colors in your advertising and promotions to attract the purchasers.

What color and marketing mix are you going to choose to attract your ideal market?

More on different target markets........

Cultural Color and Symbolism

In addition, you need to be conscious of the cultural background of your target market.

While different cultures hold different associations and symbolism for many colors, the Western meanings are becoming more universal as markets become global with access to worldwide information through the Internet.

Check out these cultural color meanings and symbolism if your market specifically involves other cultures.

The colors you use in your marketing campaign may be the component that will initially grab the attention of your buyer.

There is no such thing as a wrong or right color, just colors that are more appropriate for the message you wish to impart. Be sure to choose the ones for your color and marketing program that will get you the response you are looking for!

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